Palmex roofs are guaranteed to be 100% watertight when placed at 30° pitch or greater. The layering of leaves and the fixture method provide the structure with its waterproof qualities. And this also applies for the Aloha and Bora Bora models that are fixed without any sub-roofing. This makes Palmex product unique.

Polyethylene is an non-reactive material that conducts neither heat nor cold. In addition, with our layered installation method that creates air pockets, Palmex structures maintain cooler under-roof temperatures year-long, in all seasons and throughout the product’s entire lifespan, than their natural counterparts.

NONE: Our leaf design allows for simple, natural elimination of any residue.

YES: full instructions on how to install Palmex products are available in both video format or as instruction manuals that can be printed out. Although the procedure is somewhat simple, it does require some manual ability or experience. A professional roofer may prove useful in some instances.

Our leaves are certified UV protected. However, the color will slowly be modified over the long run due to sun rays, but the fading is minimal and does not affect the quality of our product.

According to tests carried out in a specialized technical laboratory, Palmex products can resist winds of up to 260 km/h – 160 mph.

A 20-year warranty covers all Palmex products, except for Palma Cana model which is guaranteed 12 years.

Our Class A and C fire-retardant products (FR) are built up with a supplemented fireproof component making them non-flammable.