Palmex roofs are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof when installed correctly. This includes both Rioha and Rioha with Rails installed over framing without any sub-roofing. 

HDPE is not a thermal conductor. With the layered installation method, air pockets are created which further improve insulating qualities, thus Palmex roofs maintain cooler under roof temperatures than most other roofing materials.


YES: full instructions on how to install Palmex products are available in both video format or as instruction manuals that can be printed out. Although the installation is fairly straight forward, the procedure can be more complicated depending on roof design. An experienced installer will ensure your Palmex roof is correctly and beautifully installed. 

Our leaves are certified UV protected. However, the color will slowly be modified over the long run due to sun rays, but the fading is minimal and does not affect the quality of our product.

A 20-year warranty covers all Palmex products. 

Palmex is a naturally low flammable material. Certified Class A fire-retardant model is the non-flammable option.