Palmex Panama

Palmex is a very natural looking synthetic thatch roofing product that can be used on any roof where the beauty of thatch is desired. Whether installing on a new commercial project or a pool side umbrella, Palmex guarantees decades of maintenance free performance.

The outstanding benefits of Palmex




Replace your thatch for the last time

Palmex is currently the world leader in the production and distribution of synthetic thatch roofing, used in new construction and renovation of traditional thatch projects.

In order to meet & exceed homeowners’ and the hospitality industry’s needs, Palmex has designed and developed products that are both durable and maintenance free, with classic aesthetics.

Palmex products are a long term solution to massive global over harvesting of palms.

Palmex materials meet with the strictest safety standards, and building/ construction codes. Palmex synthetic thatch can be adapted to fit any architectural style or roofing type. 

Designed to Last

Palmex materials meet the strictest safety standards, building and construction codes currently in place globally. Our leaves and accessories can be installed on any roof design whether it’s new or over an existing roof. The patented manufacturing and installation processes guarantee that your Palmex roof will be maintenance free for decades.


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